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2012 fashion handbags for lady in summer

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 11:53:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dear ladies, in this summer, are you confused for choosing a suitable bag from varieties of colorful bags? Now let’s focus on below bags. Wish you love it !

1. Large green clutch bag. Cool green brings fresh feeling. But, it is not suitable for any style of dressing. When you are choosing the summer dressing, simple and elegant chiffon skirt will be good choice, which is filled with fresh and beautiful rural atmosphere.


2. Orange clutch bag. A person with clutch bag is always elegant. Orange is warm, fresh and nice, so you’d better not choose bright dressing, or it will look messy.


3. Rose-red leather shoulder bag, which can be put on your shoulder or in your hand. We should choose bright color dress or accessories, it can get more attraction when you walk on the street .

4. Retro green tote bag.The bag is particularly small and retro green. In fact, the retro style is popular recently. Besides, it is with the tassel design and jumping movement.

5. Deep pink tote bag. It is a stylish bag suitable for office ladies.  Deep pink is warm, looks sweet and elegant. The Decoration of golden lock is the shining point of the whole bag.

6. Blue leather tote bag. The bag is full of extravagance , sleek and fashion. It will be good choice for ladies between 30 to 35 years old. There isn’t any special modification outside, just simple and graceful.

7. Deep pink flap bag with chain. Sweet lady style, simple and exquisite, with golden chain, all of these reveals a strong atmosphere of fashion.

8. Black shoulder bag with rivet. Rivet bag is very popular nowadays. Black shows classic and calm. It gives you some feeling of punk , while reflect your personality as well.

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Summer Discount Tote Bags Introduction

Friday, August 3, 2012 2:40:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

Let's imagine! When you are carrying on fashionable and beautiful leather bag, walking in the street and listening music, it's so wonderful. Now here are such a chance. Discount summer leather bags are on sale. provides high-quality leather bags, shoes and belts. What we can do is giving best suggestion and service according to different customers. What'more, if you want wholesale or custom bags service, you can contact us.

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Fashion bags ready for gentlemen

Thursday, August 2, 2012 3:43:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Regards to the bags, most of people would think they are exclusive products for ladies, not so much for men. In fact, bags have been mens' Ornament nowadays. Different styles of mens dressing with similar styles of bags, which brings a fresh feeling. So this summer, what bags are popular for men? Are you still looking for a bag that just meets your style? Here we have visited some bag markets and are glad to introduce several leather bags for men.


Shoulder bags

Long shoulder bag and neutral shoulder bag are the flagships this year. The former's style is of long horizontal and short vertical, and it is made of soft leather. Different from the former, the latter is partial women bag, their shape are mostly trapezoid, especially the top opening of bags is big. Whether in detail or in shape, they are very similar with traditional women shoulder bags, which also highlight men's gentle and delicate.


Clutch Bags

This year, the Clutch Bag is also popular with soft leather. It's no longer the traditional brick handbag of hard texture. The bag is suitable in different occasions. Although there is no side appearance and it is small, it's coupled with most styles of men dressing and highlight extraordinary taste because of high-quality soft leather.


Messenger Backpack

Lenient and soft leather are two popular elements of messenger backpack this year. This bag is embellished by exquisite hardware. It is more important to provide with corresponding shoulder strap, the length of which directly determines the fashion index of the bag. Let's imagine, you shake yourself in the street , carrying your own messenger backpack full of passion. This summer definitely lights you up.


Nowadays, in the street, you can still see variety of out-of-date bags carried by men. So keep those classic bags for men well as the fashion collections. Choose the favorite bag to make you more in .

Photo: Fashion men Also can carry their own bags. Like that as below.

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How to maintain leather handbags?

Friday, July 20, 2012 2:14:34 AM America/Los_Angeles

As the season is changing, more and more people prefer to store up their leather handbags. But most people don’t know how to maintain leather handbags.Here we give some suggestions about that.


At first, we should clean the leather face and put clean shredding mission or cotton shirt in bags to maintain their shape, then keep in soft cotton bag. It is important to protect from undue compression and keep the cabinet that deposits bags ventilated. For example, the cabinet with louver door is a good chioce, besides, we’d better not to put too many items in. Meanwhile, the natural oil of leather will be reduced gradually as the time goes and long-term using, so advanced leather also needs regular maintenance.


Leather bags are made of calfskin, sheepskin, pigskin, PVC, shammy and so on.Some high-quality bags have their maintenance instructions. In fact, we should notice as below.


       1.General leather bags need frequent maintenance oil and occasional cleaning. The specific steps are as follow. First, wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth, then wipe the leather surface evenly. Specially we should notice not touching Chemicals and hard cuspate goods.


       2. Leather has stong absorption so we must notice anti-fouling, especially high-grade brushed leather.


       3. If there are stains on the leather, wipe in clean wet sponge with warm detergent, then let it dry naturally.


       4. When stained with grease, obliterate with cloth, wipe the remaining by detergent or let itself dry, water is forbidden to use.


       5. About how to maintain the hardware of bags, we should wipe with dry cloth after used. Once micro-oxidation, rub it lightly with flour and toothpaste.


       6. Shiny leather. What we should do is dipping a few of special leather-maintenance oil on soft cloth, then rubbing the leather down.


       7. Matte leather. On usual, we just need to wipe lightly with cloth. If seriously dirty, wipe out with eraser.


       8. If there are black dots and stains on the surface of leather, wipe softly in same-color leather with alcohol. Once Suede products are contaminated, wipe with eraser then brush with soft brush along the direction of the wool.


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What should we know about bags?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 7:02:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

Bags are not only used to carry personal products, but also highlight owners’ identity, status,  character and so on. A beautiful and suitable bag makes you more charming and fashionable.


But to save time, some ladies wear the same bag in different occasions, sometimes it don’t fit clothes. Now here are some suggestions as below.


Firstly, we should prepare serval bag for working, leisure, banque. The bags for working should be big enough to carry many necessary articles, and its style must be generous, for example the briefcase is best choice.


 But if you think the briefcase is too stereotype, you can wear briefcase and tote bag. So you can carry more things, it is better than your twisting plastic or paper bags. Besides, ladies should put cute tote bags on the right shoulder, because ladies used to walk right with gentlemen.


Secondly, when ladies are applying for the job or interviewing, it is forbidden to put bags on the examiner’s table and hold on chest. The best way is putting it next to right foot. What’s more, as a average worker, it is best not to use more expensive than the boss bags, especially the young people just steping into the community.


Thirdly, the bags for leisure and shopping should be stylish and colorful totes or leather bags which are suitable with happy mood and dressing. Attending the evening party and other occasions, you should choose elegant bags, it is not only matching with dresses but also is the expression of respecting to the master.


 In a word, we should choose bags according different occasions, dressing and postion. So the suitable bags will make you more attractive and elegant.

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